Identity verification for
fast-growing companies

Start verifying in 5 minutes the ID of your users everywhere in the world, with the highest level
of biometrics and document analysis.
We work with 200+ companies, big and small
Mati is the first
one-stop shop for identity verification
With Mati, there's no need to work with 15 different providers to truly verify your users. From email verification to government databases, biometrics checks or watchlists, run everything through Mati and get to know who your users really are.
Understand who your
users really are
Why choose mati
Traditional solutions
Onboarding & Integration
5 min to 2 days
21 days
Liveness biometrics
Checks included
Government database checks
Email checks
Flow Completion rate
Forbidding fake users to access your platform is great - unless it penalizes your conversion rates at onboarding. With Mati, 94% of end-users complete the verification flow in <15 seconds. Say bye-bye to churn at onboarding, and welcome to trustful users!
Ban fraudsters from your platform
without hurting your conversion rates
Our platform is built to help you comply with fintech / platform regulations in +165 countries. You don't know where to start? Don't worry: our Legal team is here to tell you what information you need to verify, no matter what your market is.
Let Mati handle KYC / AML compliance
Fast-scaling teams support their growth with Mati.
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Forget spending 3 weeks on integration: with Mati, it takes a few hours on average. Just select how you want to implement Mati: with mobile or web SDK, with a direct link sent to your users so they can verify themselves, or by API.
Your developers are going to love us
For years, user verification has been a (pricy) bottleneck for companies. Our price is the most flexible and affordable on the market, and includes the access to deeper and better authentication checks than any other solution.
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