Regional data infrastructures, powering global identity verification

Mati is the first all-in-one identity verification platform built on regional data sources, consolidated on a global scale. Get to know your users in-depth, from local government checks to Global AML watchlists.
We restify consolidated data to you through our suite of identity tools
Data centralization and cleaning
Access to local and regional hard-to-get databases
ie. government databases, tax ID, etc.

Hundreds of companies verify their users with Mati around the world

A suite of identity verification tools to know your users in-depth

Dashboard to monitor manual reviews
Mobile and desktop SDK
Comprehensive user profiles

Verify your users without hurting your conversions rates

Quickly verify your users with our default SDK or build your own verification flow via our API. Our customers welcome up to 95% of users who successfully complete our verification flows at the first attempt.


Enrich your users' profile with hard-to-get local data

Automatically access our regional identity infrastructures, and get clean data from dozens of local databases consolidated in comprehensive user' profiles, no matter where you operate.


Build powerful workflows and manage your teams

Use Mati dashboard to reduce the time spent on manual verification through smart automation and workflows. You need advice? Our international Customer Success Team is here to help!


Build your global growth on regional infrastructures

We build identity tools in the absence of good providers and partner with the best existing solutions, so you can get to know your users in-depth everywhere in the world, no matter their language or the nationality of their ID documents.

Identity verification tailored to your business' needs

Discover why fast-growing teams love us

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