Fixing online identity

We started Mati because we were immigrants, struggling to open bank accounts, rent cars, sign apartment leases, or obtain credit cards. Such seemingly ubiquitous products are out of reach for hundreds of millions of immigrants and other thin-file individuals like ourselves. We began with a mission to serve these "invisible" people by giving companies the confidence to serve these communities with a layer of identity verification. However, identity issues go far beyond immigrants. Each quarter we have pushed our goal posts further. We are now convinced that global borderless marketplaces and financial inclusion are impossible without reliable identity infrastructure.
What started as an academic side project in computer vision research is now a +40 person company dedicated to providing companies with a trusted tool that enables them to launch and run their businesses inclusively. Our mission is to help visionary companies achieve their goals and scale their services across borders, by providing the first all-in-one user verification platform.
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Our Culture
We value ethics, moral conviction, and diversity of thought above all. It's absolutely essential when working with something as sensitive as personally identifiable information, as complex as identity infrastructure and as regulated as data privacy. We're dedicated to helping each other grow, by working collaboratively whenever possible, but at the same time giving everyone the freedom to be creative individually. Ambition, firm ethical conviction, and seamless execution is the perfect balance of traits we cannot get enough of on our team!
Our Investors
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