Comply easily
with local regulations
wherever you're operating
Implement Mati in 5 minutes and stop worrying about compliance with local regulators: with Mati, it's done once and for all.
Turn compliance into a no-brainer
Complying with local KYC / AML regulations doesn't necessarily mean your onboarding rates are going to suffer. With Mati, implement a powerful user verification process in a few hours to start verifying your users in seconds and reduce abandonment.
Smooth experience
We work with 200+ companies, big and small
Our worldwide coverage allows you to verify users of any nationality, no matter the countries you're operating in. We cover 165 countries and +18,000 documents, including their latest revisions.
Global Coverage
Mati provides you the deepest level of checks available in the market, no matter your country, from biometrics checks to government databases. Everything you need to comply, in one place!
Advanced Checks
You don't have a Chief Compliance Officer yet, or just don't know where to start? Don't worry: our Legal team is here to give you an overview of regulations in your market, and tell you exactly what you need to do to comply with KYC / AML policies.
Legal Guidance
Matin Tamizi,
CEO/Founder @ Cuenca
I remember before Mati, we had these endless discussions about how to comply with account opening regulations in Latin America as we were starting operations in Mexico. Mati helped us fix that for good.
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