Kill fraud,
not user experience!
Implement Mati in 5 minutes, and watch your fraud rates go down - without hurting your conversion rates at onboarding or checkout!
Ban fraudsters
and reduce losses from day 1

Muscle up your onboarding process by adding a verification step, and watch your fraud rates go down! No matter your industry, Mati can help you decrease fraud rates & chargebacks by +90%.
Secure your onboarding and your purchase flows
Our worldwide coverage allows you to verify users of any nationality, no matter the countries you're operating in. We cover 165 countries and +18,000 documents, including their latest revisions.
Global coverage and document reading
Most of your fraud is coming from a particular place, or occurs after a specific pattern? Use Mati to verify only the users that match your criteria. From the structure of verification flow to its UI, you can customize everything!
Customize your verification flows
Mati provides you the deepest level of checks available in the market, no matter your country, from biometric checks to government databases. Everything you need to actively start reducing fraud in one place!
Advanced Checks
Nick Garcia,
Director of Guest Services @ Stay Alfred
After only a few weeks using Mati, we literally cut our chargebacks by 62%, and it keeps improving week after week. We used to have traditional fraud prevention software, but the results are nowhere close to what Mati achieves. Fraudsters have been pushed out of our platform, and real users feel safer!
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Fast-scaling teams support their growth with Mati.
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Rental platforms, e-commerce... Discover our clients' success stories and best practices to reduce fraud on their platform.
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