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Identity verification can represent a big cost for businesses of any size. We decided to tackle that issue at Mati by building a referral program. Whether you're a scrappy startup, always looking for a good deal, or you just really care about identity - this program may be just the thing you were looking for.

We work with 200+ companies, big and small
You refer friends and professional network to us, and we contact them on your behalf.
If we sign a deal via your network, we offer you our SMB package (market value: 3,200$ for 3000 verification) for free!

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Cristobal Galguera
Head of Product @ Pronto
Verifying our users without hurting our conversion rates was super important for us, as a B2C app. Mati helped us solve that: it was a no brainer, Mati checked all the boxes. It's the all-in-one solution we were looking for.
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