Integrate your own customizable verification flow in 5 min

Integrate Mati with only a few lines of code and start building a powerful user verification process, with the more advanced level of biometric checks & document reading in the market.
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Stop churn at onboarding. With Mati, 94% of users end the verification process in less than 15 seconds - no matter their country or the type of documents you want to verify. Our global coverage allows you to verify users in more than 165 countries and more than 18,000 types of documents.
A neat UX to verify your users in < 15 seconds
We work with 200+ companies, big and small
Get access to a dashboard, centralizing statistics, and user profiles. Receive alerts when a user didn't pass a verification so your team can conduct a customized due diligence process. Want to change something in your flow, by adding new documents, biometrics, or country restrictions? Design and set up your flow in a few seconds without having to call your developers to the rescue!
A simple interface to monitor
and customize your flow
Easily select how you want to implement Mati: with mobile or web SDK, by using an API, or simply send a link to your users so they can verify themselves. In any case, it'll be done in a few minutes! No need to wait to start verifying your users, even if you don't have a Dev team.
A copy-paste integration done in 5 min
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Traditional solutions
Onboarding & Integration
5 min to 2 days
21 days
Liveness biometrics
Checks included
Government database checks
Email checks
Flow Completion rate
Everything you need to start verifying your users
Document Authenticity
Access more than 18,000 documents in the world & instantly recognise if the one your user just submitted is valid and authentic.
Government Databases
Operating in LatAm? Mati automatically matches the information extracted from the ID to local government databases.
Liveness Detection
Integrate biometric checks to your user verification flow, and make sure the person in front of the camera is the one on the ID!
Reports and Analytics
Fraud attempts detected, due diligence processes to conduct, countries of origin... Access all your stats in the same place!
Compliance Helper
Understanding compliance can be difficult; use our Legal team to get a better understanding of what your obligations are in your area!
Documents Scanning
Extract data from ID documents, and access the data through your personal dashboard.
Global Watchlists & AML
Mati automatically verifies if your user name appears in global watchlists or blacklists, such as Interpol.
Facial Recognition
Ask your users to take a selfie, and Mati will compare the photo to the one on the ID!
Additional Checks
Email, phone, IP... Discover all the in-depth checks Mati can provide you with!
Discover all the features included in Mati, and how to implement a robust ID verification process in just a few hours.
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