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Building trust with your users starts with getting to know them better. This is what Mati is built for.
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The identity stack that finally gives you the full picture.
Mati is designed to make your user verification processes seamless and complete from day one. We do the heavy lifting on fraud and compliance, and give you the full picture of your users so you can focus on your core competency.
Automatically verify the authenticity of any ID document in the world, even in regions where they are traditionally hard to analyze.
Verify any identity document with world-class SLAs
Protect your platform from fraudsters with our biometrics that detect voice, movement and proof of ownership accurately, even in regions where most traditional solutions fail.
Biometrics solutions
tailored to your markets
Make sure every user is a real, registered citizen wherever you operate by verifying their ID number, tax number and more.
Perform deep cross-checks with official local data sources
Verify all your users' touchpoints through our local partnerships for email, phone and address information.
Verify your users' touchpoints through local communication infrastructure
Constantly monitor your users on local and global watchlists and make sure you can ban potential fraudsters from your service on time.
Detect risky users in real-time
Gain a deeper understanding of users' financial health with access to local scoring indicators.
Check your user financial health with local credit checks
Check and confirm the validity of your users' criminal record, education, employment history via local data sources.
Get the full picture,
no matter your market
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We're constantly adding tools
Mati dives deep into regional compliance and data privacy, even in regions with no identity data infrastructure. We shield companies from local bureaucracy, so they can better serve their users.
Local solutions designed for local problems.
Using Mati,
our customers experience:
fraud attempts
on financial services
conversion increase at onboarding for FinTechs
on rental platform
incidents on sharing economy apps
With our unified dashboard and webhooks, you can automate workflows, save time on manual reviews and build scalable processes for any service you offer.
The tools you
need to build better trust services.
Easily secure your product's checkout process.
Build seamless identity flows to make account creation safer for your users.
Automatically re-verify your users when they ask for a new loan.
Automatically ban fraudsters from your platform.
Make your solution fully KYC compliant in just two days.
Automate your verification processes and accelerate users conversion.
"A lot of headaches have gone away since we've started to use Mati. Around 75% of our customers automatically go through the verification process, which is a big deal. We receive way fewer complaints as well on social media and on the app store, which helped us improve our rating. Mati definitely helped us be more confident in scaling our process: we can acquire new customers and open new markets without having to worry about compliance or time to respond - which is great, as we're planning to expand to even more countries in the next months!"
"What we love about Mati is that we finally found an identity platform that checks for everything. No need to get 3 or 4 different providers. You can just use Mati, they make all the checks, that's it. We felt so confident that right after we completed the integration with Mati, we filled out our KYC/AML screening to CNBV!"
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