Add an extra layer of trust to your services
Implement Mati in 5 minutes, and immediately start verifying your users to bring trust and safety to your community.
Leverage trust within your community
Our worldwide coverage allows you to verify users of any nationality, no matter the countries you're operating in. We cover 165 countries and +18,000 documents, including their latest revisions.
Global coverage and document reading
Add an ID verification step to your account creation process, or re-authenticate your users when they interact with your product to bring an extra layer of security without hurting your conversion rates.
Seamlessly verify your users
Mati provides you the deepest level of checks available in the market, no matter your country, from biometric checks to government databases. Everything you need to actively start reducing fraud in one place!
Advanced Checks
Nick Murphy,
VP Operations @ Beaxy
We thought that KYC was a terrible barrier of entry and that we would lose users. But on the contrary, our users take us even more seriously - and part of it is thanks to Mati!
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Neobanks, crypto platform, lending companies... Discover our clients' success stories and best practices to comply with their local regulators.
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