How Bien Para Bien automated its user verification flow in 2 days
Mati helped us reduce the duration of the process drastically: before, it took around 2 hours to manually verify someone.
Can you explain us what problem you were trying to solve with Mati?
We have launched something new this year: a decentralized network of contractors, operating in the whole country. Their mission is to help us bring credits to people traditionally neglected by banking or credit institutions - typically, someone trying to launch a business in Chiapas, or someone in Yucatan that needs some cash to pay for a medical emergency. Those contractors are usually people that already have a job or a full-time occupation, and want to turn their free time into an extra source of revenue.

In order to do that, we have to perform an ID check on those contractors - to make sure they are people that can be trusted, that will represent our brand well and won't disappear with the money at some point in the credit process. We first bootstrapped our own identity verification process, but as the number of contractors started to grow (more than 500 today), it wasn't a solution we could rely on anymore. Since we were performing manual verifications, we couldn't check people outside of office hours, meaning they had to wait several hours before receiving a confirmation email. It was tedious and not efficient, and that's exactly why we needed Mati: to automate those ID check processes, and make sure we could scale our new service fast.
Because we obviously needed a reliable, robust solution to make sure our users are who they say they are, and avoid fraud intents. But we also chose Mati because we needed something easy to implement, super flexible, and user friendly.

What's great about Mati is that you don't need a lot of technical skills to implement it, and it can be done in hours. Even more important for us, you don't need to code to manage your user verification process on a daily basis, or even to optimize it and ask for new documents. We have two team members in charge of managing the user verification process, and Mati has changed their lives.

Last thing that was decisive for us is the general UX of Mati: as the solution is integrated to our website, we needed something really neat, with a good UX, so the experience we provide to our contractors would be coherent with our branding and marketing strategy. For us, Mati checked all the cases.
It's really simple: people willing to become contractors first create an account on our website, and then are submitted to a user verification process. Here we ask them for two documents: an official identification, either a INE or a passport, and a proof of residency, like an electricity bill for example. Mati automatically checks if 1/ Documents are valid, and 2/ If information matches. If that's not the case, we receive a notification on our dashboard to conduct due diligence processes. It's that easy!
What kind of information do you verify today with Mati?
Bien para Bien is a lending company operating in Mexico that offers alternatives to traditional credits. Since 2014, they have granted more than 700 millions of pesos in credits. In 2019, they decided to launch something revolutionary: a nation-wide network of independent contractors, trained to bring financing solutions to areas, companies or people traditionally neglected by banking and credit institutions. That's when Bien para Bien decided to use Mati. We recently met with Miguel Rodriguez, its CTO, to understand why he originally chose Mati to support his business, and how he's using our User Verification platform today.
CTO @ Bien para Bien
Why did you chose Mati?
What's great about Mati is that you don't need a lot of technical skills to implement it, and it can be done in hours.
What impact did it have on your business? Do you have any metrics to share?
Mati helped us reduce the duration of the process drastically: before, it took around 2 hours to manually verify someone. Now, it takes less than a minute! Thanks to Mati, we were able to enroll more than 450 contractors in 2 weeks, and we plan to keep that number growing! Other impact? It also helped us reduce the time we were spending on integrations and developments, as everything is fully customizable directly within the app. We are more than satisfied with this solution - we're even planning to use Mati to verify credit solicitors on our website and our mobile app in the next few months!
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