How Pronto increased riders and drivers safety on its platform by implementing Mati.
Launched in 2017, Pronto provides ride-sharing services in second-tier cities in Mexico. The mission of the company? Changing the dynamics of mobility in Latin America, through innovation and technology, and finally push medium and small cities to the 21st century. What's unique about Pronto is that they are dedicated to protecting their riders, who can generate 100% of their income, free of commissions, and service tariffs. We recently met with Cristobal Galguera, Head of Product at Pronto, to get to know why he chose Mati to support their business, and how they're using our User Verification platform today.
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What's your scope currently at Pronto?
I'm currently Head of Product at Pronto. I started a year ago, initially as a UX Designer for the product - we didn't have anyone fully dedicated to managing the product at that point, because the company was super young. But in 6 months we grew exponentially, going from only operating in 4 cities to now 22 cities - and it was time to structure a bit more our processes. I now run a team of 10 people, and that's a good thing because we implemented a lot of new features and services within our
Head of Product @ Pronto
INTERVIEW WITH Cristobal Galguera
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