The quick guide
to understanding KYC Regulations for FinTechs around the world

The ultimate guide on how to comply and scale quickly to other countries by understanding local regulations.
If you're running a FinTech and are starting to address compliance matters, KYC regulations are probably something you already came across. But how well do you understand what it means for your business? Do you even know why you have to comply with these regulations? This guide will answer these two questions and give you some context on how KYC became a necessity for FinTechs in recent years.

What is KYC and why is it so important?

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No matter where you're operating or planning to scale, this white paper will tell you everything there is to know in terms of local KYC and AML regulations. From sandboxes in South Africa to Mexican FinTech laws, AMLD5 in Europe, and FinCen regulations in the US, we've got you covered: simply follow this guide to start complying with international KYC frameworks.
How to comply in the U.S, Europe, LatAm, Africa and Asia
From crypto platforms in Europe and the US to neobanks in LatAm, discover our clients' best practices in terms of KYC compliance. Learn how they manage to become compliant with their local and international regulations in just a few days, and what type of ID verification processes they put in place to do so.
How our clients around the world became KYC compliant
As you read above in our brief history lesson, the US was the founder of modern KYC regulations. Now, it is true that they began in an effort to fight money derived from drugs from being laundered and placed back into the economy- but completely evolved into what they are today after the terrorist acts of 9/11.

As founding fathers as the United States are, they have lagged in terms of FinTech regulations and watched
while other countries take the lead in this area. However, the USA remains as the first ecosystem for
FinTechs in the world: understanding the regulations that apply is a necessity if you're planning to start
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