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The ultimate guide for online lending companies in how to create a powerful user verification process to cut down fraud and stay compliant in Mexico.
Compliance can be quite a complex subject in LatAm. This is especially true in Mexico, as its AML/CFT regulation and supervision are at the very forefront when it comes to industry standards in the LatAm region. This guide condenses everything you need to know about compliance in the country.
What compliance means for lending companies
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Combating efficiently fraud on online services means creating a systemic, dedicated process, that will impact a large part of your organization. With good tools and advice, it's not an impossible thing to do - it can even be implemented in a few days. Ready to start? Just follow the guide!
How to build a powerful user verification process
Discover how Bien para Bien, a lending company that grants credits from 200,000 to 5 millions MXN$, uses Mati everyday to quickly onboard and verify its network of independent contractors.
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Well, between local laws and regulations, operating a business in the lending industry can be quite a headache - especially when you don't have yet someone in charge of compliance or risk internally, or if you're planning to expand to other countries. And expanding to other countries also means to be confronted with new regulations and set of obligations that may differ a lot from what you already know.

What we've learned with our clients in the lending industry during the last 2 years is that for a lot of them,
before starting to work with Mati, compliance, KYC and AML regulations were necessary burdens, often
perceived as a waste of time and money. When talking of user verification, our clients first focus never
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